My Enlighten Experience

Teeth whitening. A fad. Risky. Sensitive teeth. Not worth it. Life-changing. Expensive.

I’ve heard it all! Generally the teeth whitening market is expected to be worth 7.4 BILLIONNN Dollars in the next ten years! Insane right?

So where does one even start? At home kits, special toothpastes, homemade remedies. You name it, someone out there has tried it!

After trawling through what felt like a gazillion different treatments and options, I settled with the Enlighten Teeth Whitening Treatment. I was also keen to have my treatment supervised than an actual dentist as opposed to these random companies where you’re not sure of how safe the ingredients being used are. What was most important to me was guaranteed results and minimal sensitivity and based on what I’d read, Enlighten would give me that!


I searched for a dentist in London that could carry out the treatment and settled on Platinum Dental Caretotal babes – based in the London Docklands area.

The Treatment

August 21st 2018 – 40min appointment

My first appointment was a consultation with my dentist, Dr Sarika Shah, in which she fully explained the different procedures and we agreed that for optimum results, I would do the two week at home treatment followed by an in chair session to complete the treatment.

She then took my moulds for the treatment and gave me the Enlighten ‘Tooth Serum Paste’ to help prep me for the treatment and reduce sensitivity. I used this toothpaste in the morning and evening for two weeks before my follow up appointment.

September 10th 2018 – 20min appointment

In my follow-up appointment, Dr Shah talked me through the whitening kit and gave me my moulds to use for the two week treatment.Such a quick appointment. I was to sleep with my moulds in and wear for a minimum of 6 hours per night. After 7 days, I switched from the 10% formula to the 16% gel.She explained how to use the varying syringes and desensitising swabs and I was off!

September 25th 2018 – 40min appointment

Having completed my two weeks treatment at home, Dr Shah did an in chair whitening session using my moulds and a stronger concentration gel. Due to the strength, this had to be done under supervision and Dr Shah monitored my progress over two approx 10min sessions and voilaaaa I was done!

Overall, I’m super super happy with the results! In recent years I’d felt my teeth had lost that wow shiny thing they used to do and now I’ve got it back! My favourite thing was that my teeth are not sensitive at allll which I was probably a bit sceptical of at first even though I was reassured I’d be fine!

From the first consultation, I was always fully aware of the process and felt comfortable and assured I was in good hands. Dr Shah managed my expectations throughout and the whole Platinum Dental Care team were total babes who were so so good to me! Imagine turning up to a dentist and the receptionist knows your name and is all like ‘Hey Chantelle, how’s work been?!’ I told you they were cute! I went back a few weeks later for a hygienist appointment (super important) and will definitely be sticking with them for my dental care!

Check out to find a dentist near you that can carry out the treatment for you.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding the treatment!

Thank you so much to the Enlighten team and Platinum Dental Care for taking such good care of me!

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