I’m back and I’m better!

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post but it’s kinda cute right?!

My sabbatical from blogging turned out to be so much longer than planned and in that time, I felt like it’s time to take a shift in the direction of my blog. When I first launched I won’t lie one of my main focuses was how to monetise and help this become an extra source of income. Don’t get me wrong, I do love sharing beauty, fashion and skincare tips with you guys but I feel simultaneously, this is a great platform to go beyond the surface and share some content that will be beneficial to you guys on a holistic level.

I’m someone who when it comes to sharing info, I generally just have two settings; either I tell you every single thing about my life that’s basically TMI to the extent you might know how many times I poo in a day 😂orrrr the other extreme where you don’t know a thing at all and all you get is a smile and a ‘I’m good thanks’.

But recently I’ve found my therapy in writing and I want to share my thoughts with you guys, hopefully having mastered a balance of my two extremes and as I said with the ultimate goal of hopefully the experiences and stress I go through perhaps being something you guys can either relate to or learn from. I won’t lie, I’m kind of nervous as those who know me will know that over recent years I’ve become a looot more private so I’m kinda cautious about the implications of essentially laying myself bare on a platform where I’m pretty much accessible to the entire internet! I’ll be honest, I will probably be reluctant at first to share and promote those blog posts on like Twitter or Instagram and Facebook etc but I’m just hoping that over time I will get more confident and worry less!

This is just the first of these somewhat ‘deeper’ posts so you guys over the next few weeks can expect to see a lot more regular posts covering my journey to self love, adjusting to adulthood, professional life, YouTube life and everything in between! I’m excited to start to share with you guys a bit more of me and hopefully you guys are too!

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