Hello beauties! It’s been a while and as you may have seen on my Instagram, I just came back from Coachella Weekend One! Can I just take this time to say it was everythinggg and more! An amazing experience and I will be sharing my vlog with you guys as soon as I recover my footage (Long story!)

Here’s my top tips for those of you perhaps planning on braving Coachella next year, I’d 100% recommend!

  1. Plan in advance! Coachella happens every year. Without fail! So you have no excuse to be last minute with your planning. Tickets for the 2019 festival will be available in the next few weeks prior to the line up being announced (The lineup is confirmed later this year). Even if it means buying the tickets now and reselling if you decide you don’t want to go later could literally save you a few hundred pounds.
  2. Accomodation! As in my first point, loads of people will start booking their accomomodation early so make sure you start looking as soon as you’ve secured your tickets as the hotels and airbnb’s fill up pretty fast! Book early to try save some coinszzz!
  3. There’s more to life! Personally, all the acts I wanted to see where usually from 6pm onwards! During the day there’s usually loads of events and pool parties in the Palm Springs area so start looking early on Instagram etc to get onto the coveted guest lists!
  4. Bandana Bandana Bandana! This goes beyond any fashion statement! Coachella is literally in Palm Springs Desert and although there is grass, it gets hella dusty from all the thousands of people! A bandana tied over your mouth will help stop from inhaling all the nasty stuff!
  5. Bring a jacket! Although everyone is trying to serve their best festival looks, temperatures drop drastically at night! Perhaps tie a long sleeved shirt or hoody round your waist to throw on when the breeze creeps up at night! If you’re looking for inspo for any festivals this summer, why not check out my post on the Karl Kani x PLT collab here?
  6. Prioritise your acts! There’s loads of stages during the Festival and it’s important to check your favourite artist’s set times to ensure you don’t miss them! There’s always someone there to help with where to go and make sure you’ve downloaded the Coachella app!
  7. Stay hydrated! If you are at Coachella from day until night, you are guaranteed to get caught in that Californian sun! Drinking drinks with electrolytes will help you stay hydrated and bring an empty water bottle as there are water stations where you can get these filled up!
  8. As with any festival, don’t forget your essentials such as sunscreen, wipes and hand sanitiser for when you’re ready to try some of the delicious food stands they have!
  9. Keep your hands free! If you can, commit to the festival experience and carry your bum bag/fanny pack! This will keep your hands free to dance and with the bag being at the front, you won’t have to worry as much about pick pocketers!
  10. Stay charged but switch off! Make sure you bring a portable charger with you which will help if you happen to lose any of your friends. At the same time, as much as you’d love to make your friends at home jealous, take some time to live in the moment! Put your phone away, make new friends and enjoy the experience!


Having moved to New York from a small town in the North West of England, this year was always bound to be a year of ‘firsts’ for me. In June, I finally got to attend my first festival! Now if you know me, you know I actually love the outdoors and camping etc but yet when it comes to festival camping, I’ve always thought of it to be quite a grimy and muddy experience. Governors Ball however was as far removed from my previous perception as is physically possible!


The yearly festival takes place on Randall’s Island every June and this year we were met with sunshine and fancy food stalls and not a pair of wellies in sight! Due to the location, we had to take a ferry over to the Island which was only twenty minutes away. On the day we went, Chance the Rapper was headlining and it was such an amazing experience. Definitely something I would recommend especially if like me you’re not completely ready to commit to sleeping in a field with a bunch of strangers!


Original – Missguided – £8

Shorts – Forever 21 –  £15