Karl Kani; a legend. If you asked me about five weeks ago who Karl Kani was, I unfortunately would have simply responded with a blank stare. But today, on March 25th, two days after his collaboration sold out with Pretty Little Thing, I would be gushing with facts about this Brooklyn native who contributed heavily to what is today widely recognised as 90s fashion. Known as one of the founding fathers of urban streetwear, Karl Kani started something in the late 80s that today, even in 2018 is still just as fly as it was back then (can I even say ‘fly’ as a British person?)

Karl Kani Black Cross Back Top – £12

Karl Kani Black Cargo Trousers – £30

Karl Kani Black Leggings – £15 (Worn underneath to show waistband)

Public Desire – Alia Perspex Heels – £29.99

Having been raised in England, the likelihood is that sadly the majority of you may not have known too much about Karl Kani. However, thanks to Pretty Little Thing, his style and colourful materials have been brought to the mass market. PLT have been killing the game recently with their affordable on-trend fashions! Honestly, as far as I’m concerned, this is their best collab to date!

Karl Kani Black Embroidered T-Shirt Dress – £18

Consisting of up of 41 pieces of 90s wardrobe staples, the collection has everything from denim jackets and Fresh Prince of Bel Air era style colourful unitards to baggy trousers and baseball dresses. Prices range from £10 to £35 so the great news is that the collection is super affordable too!

Karl Kani White Cropped Denim Jacket – £35

Karl Kani Black Leggings – £15

Karl Kani Black Cross Back Top – £12

I managed to bag a few items and am in love with the quality and fit of the products.


Karl Kani White Embroidered Crop T-Shirt – £15

Skirt – Although this is currently out of stock, the restock is coming on June 11th!


Leave your thoughts on the collection in the comments below!


I can’t be the only one who buys clothes and completely forgets about them right?! Until one miraculous day, you’re browsing through your clothes with the ever so common phrase ‘I have nothing to wear’ and then you suddenly realize that these two items actually make a cute fit!

That is literally the story of these two pieces. You guys probably saw this bodysuit on every (what’s the female version of ‘Tom, Dick and Harry? *strokes chin*) fashion blogger back in 2016. I know I did! Then I rushed to Zara during my lunch break to rifle through the racks until I found it…then it sat in my closet like all my other abandoned clothes with tags on. Well, in Toronto it finally got to see the sun!



Then I have the best story about these trousers too! I was on one of my many escapades to London in March 2016 when I realized that AQAQ were having a sample sale. Now if you have been following my Instagram for a while, you may recall the iconic bright orange dress I wore for my 21st birthday. Since then, I have been such a huge fan of AQAQ and their futuristic silhouettes and high quality materials. Anyway, I digress.

So I’m getting on the Tube (ahh I miss England!) to Brick Lane, make my way to the warehouse only to be told the sale will only be starting the day after. Bearing in mind my train back home was that evening, as you can imagine I was devastated. I told the staff who were in the middle of unpacking boxes and setting up the pricing of the items and they told me that if I waited for an hour, they could let me shop! Honestly I felt like a celebrity getting exclusive access and the first choice of all the products for wayyyy discounted prices. I believe these were originally $120 (read in pounds, my keyboard has no pound sign) and I think I got them for $25! Major love for AQAQ staff always and forever now. Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter to find out about any other sample sales they may be having.

The trousers are a great fit and make your bum look super peachy so as you can tell I’m a huge fan. Wide leg trousers have really grown on me!


Unfortunately as both of these items are no longer available, I had a browse for you guys to find something similar if you wanted to recreate this look, please see below!

Original – www.aqaq.com $25 (Sample sale price)

You can find something similar here and here.

Keep an eye out on www.aqaq.com, they don’t have any wide leg trousers at the moment but it’s one of their staple pieces so they’ll be sure to stock some in the next few weeks.

Original – www.zara.com – roughly $39.99
Lookalike – Here or here 

Sunglasses – Valentino

Bag – Zara